The outdoors begins at your doorstep: How did hiking shoes become a way of life?

The outdoors begins at your doorstep: How did hiking shoes become a way of life?

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Movement is our way of life. Whether in the busy city or in the untouched nature – we love to be on the move. And in Switzerland, outdoor adventure begins right on our doorstep. Walking is our national sport, with 65,000 kilometers of marked hiking trails. Fitness, socializing, nature and fresh air; Everything fun comes together.

As the “Sport Switzerland 2022” study shows, more than half of the inhabitants of Switzerland walk for three to five hours, on average 15 days a year. This does not include Sunday walks. Movement is an important part of our health. Fitness, stress relief and relaxation are the focus of hiking enthusiasts.

You don’t need much for this adventure; Sturdy shoes are sufficient. They offer support, safety and grip on rough terrain. But here’s the problem: Only 60 percent of outdoor enthusiasts wear hiking boots, while the rest wear sneakers. Reason? Bulky, heavy, expensive, often not very stylish…

That’s why hiking boots are taking over the city

But fortunately, there are now walking shoes that have the look and feel of sneakers while also having the features of high-quality walking shoes. Inspired by trail running, these shoes conquer both hiking trails and urban environments.

They look great, provide adequate support even on asphalt, and are lighter than traditional hiking boots. This bucks the important trend in hiking: Go as light as possible. Because when making a prediction over one tour, every gram saved makes a difference. With grippy soles, cushioning elements that relieve pressure on the feet, joints and muscles, and breathable yet waterproof material, these modern walking shoes set a new standard.

As social media producer Noam emphasizes, they meet the need for attractive activewear and underline the sporty lifestyle. He commutes between Laax and Zurich (i.e. snow sports and city), so he relies on all-terrain shoes. Both functional and visual. “They’re great, keep my feet dry and give me the sneaker feel,” says sustainability expert Celine.

Underlines the active lifestyle

The functionality of outdoor clothing is not only appreciated in nature, but has also long conquered urban spaces. What started with softshell jackets, fiber furs, lightweight down and windbreakers continues in shoes: walking shoes are available in the office, trendy bars and shopping streets.

They even took their place among visitors and on fashion week catwalks.

Sporty walking shoes are a real eye-catcher everywhere. They are the perfect companion for walks, city trips and going out, as they uniquely combine style and function. This is how walking shoes have become a way of life.

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