Sci-Fi fans will get goosebumps: this PS5 game lets you experience the post-apocalypse of a cult series up close

This year, a legendary, oft-quoted science fiction film series celebrates its 40th anniversary: ​​the “Terminator” saga created by James Cameron, which made Arnold Schwarzenegger (not only) a cult star of the 80s and 90s.

If you want to celebrate the anniversary year of the iconic saga by joining John Connor’s battle against the machines, there’s good news. Because On Amazon, the PS5 first-person shooter “Terminator: Resistance Enhanced” has dropped in price by more than 20 percent – and therefore costs less than 35 euros for a short period of time!

Terminator: Resistance Enhanced on Amazon
PS5 first-person shooter for “Terminator” fans

To the deal

The first person shooter, which combines action and tactical elements, is a graphically improved version of the 2019 for Windows, PS4* And Xbox One* published games “Terminator: Resistance”. The upgrade was also released for Xbox Series*.

The title was developed by Teyon, the studio that co “RoboCop: Rogue City”* And “Rambo: The Video Game”* has produced two more action-packed ’80s nostalgia titles.

This is what “Terminator: Resistance Enhanced” is about

Fight the machines: In this first-person shooter, whose setting is based on James Cameron’s sci-fi milestones “Terminator” and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, you must fight your way through post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The story picks up approximately 30 years after the start of the Machine Uprising and puts you in the shoes of hero Jacob Rivers, created specifically for the game.

He is a soldier in the resistance against the evil artificial intelligences led by John Connor – and is specifically targeted by Skynet despite his low military rank. He is soon forced to regret it: it becomes clear that he will have to pay a high price to bring Skynet to its knees. You determine his decisions in the battle between the machines – and with it the fate of humanity in what may be its final battle…

You can customize how you make your way through this “Terminator” story: The development studio Teyon wanted to give you the choice whether you wanted to be a wild-shooting action hero or a stealthy herowho sneaks around cunningly.

The result received a mixed reception from the gaming press. That’s what our sister site said , that the gameplay mix of role-playing elements, action and deep decisions is “a little out of time”. The individual game mechanics are praised for this, as is the extensive skill tree.

Nevertheless, since the game’s release it has become clear that the fans are more merciful towards it than the press: so that is the case Steam Of the more than 11,000 reviews submitted, 92 percent were positive. And with Metacritical has the PS5 version* The game received an average user rating of a respectable 7.9/10.

The intense atmosphere, the powerful soundtrack and the multitude of Easter eggs are praised, among other things, which reference James Cameron’s “Terminator” parts. And if you’re in the Schwarzenegger mood right now, we have a streaming tip for you:

Author: Sidney Schering

Source : Film Starts



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