Now the Bernese farmers are also demanding a higher target milk price

The Bernese Farmers’ Association reiterates farmers’ demands for fair prices. The union demands that the milk industry organization increase the target milk price by at least five cents per liter.

The farmer protests in recent days have made it clear that there is great dissatisfaction among farmer families, the association wrote in a statement on Wednesday. These concerns and concerns must be taken seriously.

On March 1, the milk industry organization wants to determine the so-called A target price for the second quarter of 2024. The association emphasizes that the target price reduction established at the end of 2023 must now be corrected. A sector can only be successful if all players in the value chain can adequately share in the profits.

The association sees a duty here for processors and retailers. Last week, a total of more than 2,000 farmers demonstrated peacefully at various locations in the cantons of Bern and Fribourg.

“With the support of this demonstration, the trade associations are now obliged to demand different prices,” association chairman Jürg Iseli said in an article on the online portal of the Bernese Tamedia newspapers on Wednesday. The base will no longer accept it if they are not compensated for “the huge price increases”.

The A-segment milk includes products with high added value that flow into the protected or subsidized market. (sda/lyn)

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