Scandal director makes first film in twenty (!) years – in his films dogs were eaten and copulated in front of the camera

Director John Waters is an icon of queer cinema whose influences are still palpable. However, it is not without reason that he is nicknamed “The Pope of Trash”. Especially with his early works, exploitation films such as ‘Pink Flamingos’ or ‘Female Trouble’, the filmmaker consciously and uncompromisingly exceeded the boundaries of good taste.

In his works the viewer had to be prepared for everything: animal abuse, castration, incest, a ‘singing’ anus and real sex in front of the camera can be found in Waters’ works. A scene from the film ‘Pink Flamingos’ in which warm dog poop is eaten without cutting will probably remain particularly memorable.

He came closer to the mainstream with works like “Hairspray” and “Cry-Baby” (here in collaboration with a young Johnny Depp). Now the director wants to direct a film again after more than twenty (!) years. Most recently, he filmed the 2004 satire “A Dirty Shame” starring Tracey Ullman (“Robin Hood”), Johnny Knoxville (“Jackass”) and Selma Blair (“Super Sweet and Super Sexy”). And apparently he has already found a suitable leading actress…

Aubrey Plaza will play the leading role

Actress from ‘The White Lotus’ and ‘Parks and Recreation’ Aubrey Plaza will star in John Waters’ new filmthat comes from a report by out. This is said to be an adaptation of his own novel ‘Liarmouth’. Filming is scheduled for this year. As usual with the eccentric director’s work, the film is being reshot in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.

Liarmouth is described as a “hilarious, sordid tale of sex, crime and family dysfunction.” The focus of the plot here is notorious liar Marsha Sprinkle (Aubrey Plaza), who is extremely smart but also incredibly unpleasant. Even her own family cannot identify with her. Together with her accomplice Daryl, she plans a heist at Baltimore/Washington International Airport. But then they are caught stealing their suitcases…

It is not yet clear when we can expect John Waters’ directorial comeback in cinemas.

Author: Stefan Geisler

Source : Film Starts



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