Today for the first time on TV: ‘Game Of Thrones’ meets Shakespeare with ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Harry Potter’ stars

‘Ophelia’ is a historical drama from ‘The Color Room’ director Claire McCarthy. This is a variation on the story of William Shakespeare’s classic play “Hamlet” that is not only filmed with beautiful images and breathtaking costumes, but also has an interesting content.

For here the story of intrigue, murder and forbidden love at the Danish royal court is not, as usual, told from the perspective of the prince who plays with madness, but from that of his secret lover. The title heroine is played by Daisy Ridley, who rose to fame as ‘Star Wars’ heroine Rey from episodes 7 to 9 of the hugely successful science fiction saga.

“Ophelia” celebrates its German free TV premiere on BR Fernsehen today, December 3, 2023 at 11:15 PM. If you miss this date or it’s too late for you on Sunday evening, you can currently download the FSK-12 title anytime as part of your flat-rate subscription to Amazon Prime Video* to overtake. Alternatively, the film is available as Blu-ray, DVD or paid video-on-demand:

Starring alongside Daisy Ridley are: Naomi Watts from “Mulholland Drive” and “King Kong,” “Inside Man” star Clive Owen, George McKay (“1917”) and Devon Terrell from the Netflix series “Cursed.” Tom Felton, known to all fans of the Harry Potter series as the annoying Draco Malfoy, is also there. He plays Ophelia’s brother, who plays a crucial role especially in the second half of the plot.

“Ophelia” on BR television: that’s the story

Kronborg Castle near Helsingør in the transition between the 16th and 17th centuries: Something is very rotten in the state of Denmark. Because at court only political and personal intrigues determine everyone’s life. Half-orphan Ophelia (Ridley) finds herself at the center of this great intrigue. During turbulent times of war, she was once taken under her wing by Queen Gertrude (Watts).

As a young woman who is now both graceful and clever, Ophelia has now become the favorite maid of the monarch’s wife. She soon trusts her so much that she even occasionally lets her secretly get a mysterious herbal potion from the witch Mechtild (also Watts).

At some point, however, Ophelia falls in love with Gertrude’s son, Crown Prince Hamlet (MacKay). Although a relationship between them is anything but suitable for their status, they start an affair with each other. When Hamlet’s father, the King (Nathaniel Parker), dies and his brother Claudius (Owen) takes the throne, their passionate relationship is more in danger than ever…

Bloodier than the novel

Shakespeare’s great dramas such as “Macbeth”, “Romeo and Juliet” or “Hamlet” contain many wars, violence and intrigues, but also great, often forbidden romances. Yet the additional influence of the TV series phenomenon ‘Game Of Thrones’ quickly becomes clear in the production, which is quite bloody, especially towards the end. Although of course there are no dragons and humans are much, um, more reserved when it comes to bare skin.

The young adult novel ‘I, Ophelia’ by the American bestselling author Lisa Klein served as the basis for the film. It is also full of dramatic to downright tragic moments. The script by ‘Mad Men’ writer and producer Semi Chellas and McCarthy’s film adaptation are much more serious and mature. Which doesn’t mean there aren’t a few lighter moments to enjoy.

Fans of costume films should enjoy “Ophelia” as much as admirers of Shakespeare who are willing to see the title character, who has been controversial since the premiere of “Hamlet,” from a different perspective. You can read how the film became part of a major scandal when it was released in the US in this article:


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