Natti Natasha launches products inspired by her daughter

Singer and business woman Natti Natasha launched this Monday a line of products for babies and pregnant women “Queen Vida for Kids”, which is inspired by her daughter Vida Isabelle.

The idea arose during the pregnancy of the Dominican singer from Puerto Rico, who used these formulas to care for her skin and protect her from stretch marks, according to a statement from her representatives.

Seeing the good results, Natasha modified the formulas and included them in the routine from careful the daughter she has with a music producer raphy pinawho is serving a prison sentence in Puerto Rico.

“It’s a very personal and family project that I developed together with Raphy and our daughter, which makes it even more special,” said the singer.

Natasha emphasized that she participated “in the whole process from the selection formulas brand design”.

Products, manufactured in sustainablefree from animal cruelty and with organic ingredientsare aimed at babies aged 0-5 years, pregnant woman and new mothers.

They were produced in Europe and created by hand a laboratory with more than 25 years of experience with children’s products.

Line “The Queen’s Life for Children” includes wet wipes, diaper cream, moisturizer, body oil, suntan lotion, diapers and perfume.

A baby food division will also be launched soon which will include groceries and desserts.

As part of the celebration of the second birthday of Mr the life of IsabellaThe line’s products are now available through the website

Five days ago, Natasha premiered a bachata version of her latest song, “The lack you create for me”dedicated to partner Pina.

Source: Panama America



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