‘La Chichi de Papa’, worried and excited about her pregnancy

Elvia Muñoz, known as “La Chichi de Papa”, admitted that when she found out she was pregnant, she was filled with great fear, nervousness and uncertainty, but that she is excited and impatient for the arrival of her baby.

“La Chichi de Papa” commented that the “chichi baby” is on the way, it’s been months of changes and she needs a little time to get used to the changes, and as a woman she had the right to her process, so she took her time to announce the news

“(…) I am young, and he does not have great knowledge when receiving news I was under the chin – wrote Muñoz.

According to Muñoz, her husband, William Augustineand their families were an important pillar to correct and help them feel safe in the process of theirs pregnancy.

Finally, together with his family TVNProgram “Made in Panama” and her trusted friends dared to publicly share the news of the pregnancy.

“(…) Thank you for respecting and waiting for what we had bravery share this good news. My family is growing! And I enjoy every stage”, he assured.

The TV host thanks for the messages full love and dear In recent months, she has realized that she is loved very much and how lucky she is because her followers are always aware of all aspects of her life.

Messages from Congratulations and good wishes to him marriage they didn’t stop: “Congratulations, she’s not Chichi anymore, she’s daddy’s mom now,” “Congratulations, many bless daughter, we love you”, “The potato chichi now she’s the mother of chichi, that’s a wonderful thing when you’re a woman, what comes with it health and the love of his family embraces him… A thousand emotions and blessings dear friend” and “We are very happy for you, many blessings in this new phase.”

On the other hand, it is important to mention that Muñoz did not reveal more details about her pregnancy, such as how old she is month have, sex or the names they chose.

Source: Panama America



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