Mitradel did not approve the suspension of the mining contract

He Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (Mitradel) the workers of the company informed Mining of Panamathat the request for suspension of the effects of the employment contract of approx 7,000 workers companies.

The entity clarifies that the receipt of this request does not in itself imply any authorization.

He points out that the need to resolve the possible termination of the employment relationship in the company arises after the declaration of the unconstitutionality of the contract. Law 406 which grants the MInera Panamá concession, by decision of the plenary assembly Supreme Court of Justice from November 28 of this year.

However, they explain that the said process must be carried out with strict adherence to the applicable work standards and legal requirements that the procedure requires.

Mitradel reiterated that for the suspension of the effects of the employment contract, the procedure established in Operation codewhich implies the intervention of all parties involved in the process.

“This institution will always be a guarantor of respect for labor standards and the protection of workers’ rights, thereby confirming our commitment to peace and social justice,” the statement added.

Company The first quantum minerals she justified her request for the suspension of the contract, because the illegal blockades in Punta Rincón International Port and on the access roads to the minecaused the depletion of some essential supplies.

According to the company, this suspension has not only affected production operations, but also the ability to maintain normal work activities at the site.

Source: Panama America



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