Research: So few of you dare to use an electric vehicle

Research: So few of you dare to use an electric vehicle

Research: So few of you dare to use an electric vehicle

Every month, the sales sites and AutoTrack carry out research into the sale of used cars. While hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, the proportion of people looking for a used electric vehicle remains remarkably low.

With a share of over 54 percent, gasoline cars are still the most sought-after used car buyers. However, hybrids are on the rise. More than 26 percent of buyers are now looking for a used car with electric support.

Gasoline cars are much more popular than electric cars

You’d expect electric cars to be hot on the heels of gas guzzlers as governments and manufacturers try to get consumers excited about electric cars, but that’s not the case. Diesel cars follow with a share of 8 percent. Oh dear, don’t let Greta Thunberg hear it.

fuel Part
1. petrol 54.4%
2. Petrol hybrid 26.3%
3. Diesel 8.0%
4. electricity 7.4%
5. Liquefied gas 1.9%
6. Hybrid diesel 1.3%
7. Natural gas (CNG 0.6%

The electric car only follows in fourth place. Only 7.4 percent of used car hunters are looking for an electric vehicle. Not great numbers, especially considering that there is still a generous subsidy for used electric cars (although there is no real boom). Concerns about battery performance degradation are likely a factor. If a battery fails outside of the warranty period, costs can increase significantly.

The most sought-after occasion

What is also noticeable in the report is that there is a large gap between the average search price (17,475 euros) and the average price of the used cars on offer (23,401 euros). Although this gap has shrunk by 100 euros in the last month, it remains a huge difference.

The most sought-after used car remains a Volkswagen Golf, followed by the Polo and the BMW 3 Series. New in the top ten is the Mercedes C-Class (9th place). The Ford Fiesta is also enjoying increasing popularity (8th place), while the Toyota Yaris (10th place) falls one place.

The most popular is the station wagon

In addition, station wagons (24.8 percent), hatchbacks (22.2 percent) and SUVs (17.6 percent) remain by far the most popular body types. The sedan follows in fourth place with a share of just 9.3 percent.

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