You can easily prevent these electric car problems

You can easily prevent these electric car problems

You can easily prevent these electric car problems

Cars with electric motors such as hybrid or fully electric cars can brake using the electric motor. Although this ensures more power in the battery pack and protects your brakes, it also has a disadvantage in the long term. Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve the problem.

Since hybrid and electric cars can already use their engines to brake strongly, some owners hardly use the brake discs or drums. And that’s not always a good thing.

Problems with braking electric cars

Although you protect the brakes and pads (or drums) of your electric car or hybrid car by braking the engine hard, never using the braking system can have unpleasant consequences.

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If your car was left in the rain overnight, there’s a good chance that some light rust has already formed on the brake disc. That’s not a problem, the little rust disappeared the first time you brake. However, if you brake using only the electric motor, the brake disc can corrode further.

It is also common for the brake caliper to get stuck in electric cars and hybrids. A solution to both of these problems is simple.

The solution

To prevent the twin evils of electric cars and hybrids, you need to use the braking system more often. To do this you have to press the pedal hard. This will prevent the brakes from working properly when you really need them. Please note that there is no traffic behind you.


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When you apply the brakes, your brakes may squeak. While this doesn’t sound nice, it rarely indicates a problem. Fixing the squeak is almost impossible. Read Porsche’s explanation of squeaky brakes here.

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