Oops! Fisker accidentally gave away cars for free

Oops!  Fisker accidentally gave away cars for free

Oops! Fisker accidentally gave away cars for free

That wasn’t the intention, but due to poor management that’s exactly what happened. Fisker lost millions of dollars in customer payments and, in some cases, even forgot to collect purchase amounts.

Fisker isn’t feeling well. The start-up of Danish car designer Henrik Fisker is having financial problems and is therefore having to lay off employees and temporarily stop production of its only model, the Ocean.

No cooperation with Nissan

A large manufacturer, reportedly Nissan, was said to be interested in collaborating, but discussions about it failed. To boost sales of the Ocean, Fisker in America even decided to reduce the price by $14,000.

Financial disarray at Fisker

And now this… Fisker didn’t have its administration in order and therefore couldn’t raise millions. Due to the chaos, in some cases people even forgot to collect money from buyers who initially received their Ocean for free.

To remedy the situation, Fisker launched an internal review in December that lasted months, reports the website TechCrunch, which relies on witness statements. Fisker managed to recover most of the payments. The manufacturer also demanded new payments from several customers because the previous payments had never been collected.

Henrik Fisker Ocean discount price bankrupt electric car

Fisker has still not published an annual report for 2023. The reason is said to be that the administration in the company is so disorganized that it is difficult to say how much sales were actually generated.

On the verge of bankruptcy

Fisker is on the brink of bankruptcy and was even delisted from the New York Stock Exchange this week because its shares have fallen so sharply, from $6.50 at the end of last year to 9 cents now.

The electric vehicle maker has also admitted that its finances are not in order. There were too few qualified personnel, which is the cause of the disruption.

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